Luxembourg, May 5th, 2022 – The Luxembourg Cloud Awards 2022 organised by Cloud Community Europe – Luxembourg have been presented during the Golden-I gala.

The winners of the Luxembourg Cloud Awards 2022 have been revealed on Thursday, May 5th, 2022 during the Golden-i Gala, back to a physical event hosted in the Auditorium of PwC Luxembourg.

This year, the “Cloud Innovation Project of the Year” category has been under the spotlight.

The Cloud Innovation Project award aims to celebrate excellence and innovation in the scope of cloud-based “solutions-as-a-service”.

The recognition is given to a project where Cloud solutions are transforming the agility of the business. The achievements may be relative to cost structure optimisation of the technology investment, the agility and the flexibility in scale and/or in time to go in production with an IT project or the complexity solved, and the maturity gained in best practices including availability and security. The Cloud Innovation Project will definitively go to a realization that creates value and makes impact. A further focus is given by the Go to Market Realization and the provided functionality offered through cloud resources. Of course, the provided services need to comply with the requirements regarding data security and data privacy in relation to customers data sensitivity and compliance.

Three projects were distinguished by the jury in the category:

  • Advanzia Bank, for the “Omni-Channel UX: Accelerating Business Growth Through Cloud” project, implementing a scalable cloud-native digital platform providing unified, omni-channel touchpoints for customers across Europe;
  • Clearstream, for the “Clearstream Data Layer” project, implementing a new infrastructure for big data handling;
  • Husky Technologies, for the “Advantage+ Elite WE CALL YOU” project, providing new service 24/7 based on cloud platform that monitors, reacts, and adapt to maintain performance along the life.

“This edition is very encouraging: it demonstrates, through all the quality projects submitted, how mature the cloud has become and how organizations, regardless of their core business, have taken advantage of it.”, explained Nicolas Sanitas, Senior Advisor and Digital Community Coordinator at Luxinnovation, and Armin Neises, CEO of Waves, winner of the “Cloud Tech Innovator” award in 2021, both Co-Chairmen of the jury.

The “Cloud Innovation Project of the Year” category award goes to:


Husky Technologies

“It was important to the jury to see pragmatic and innovative applications in the cloud. What Husky showed with their solution “Advantage+EliteTM” and thus convinced the jury was this level of transparency, proactivity and predictiveness. This is a highly useful application that demonstrates what cloud technology can be used for with a direct positive impact on their own customers.”,
said Armin Neises.

“Without taking away from the quality of the other two awardees, the platform designed by Husky shows us in the most tangible and concrete way all the business value that a cloud approach can bring.

With this project, Jean-Christophe Witz and his team, are showing the way to the country's manufacturing companies: the 100 customers connected to the fully operational and secure solution are proof that the cloud is today an almost unavoidable tool for the digitization of the industry.”, added Nicolas Sanitas.

« We are thrilled to receive the Cloud Innovation Project of the Year. 3 years ag,o Husky witnessed a change in our customer needs: 

  • More new customers without injection molding experience ;
  • Need to support customers to meet sustainability challenges ;
  • More SKU’s and product variability ;
  • A skills shortage with fewer customer technical capabilities.

Through the use of data, we created a solution to be Predictive, Proactive and highly transparent with our customers through 24/7 monitoring of leading system variables and contacting customers through Advantage+Elite ‘We Call You’ before they experience issues and loss of productivity.

We have developed something that is not only a new way for Husky to serve its customers, but it is truly innovative in our industry. It is part of our Industry 4.0 transformation, and we are thrilled to this award in recognition for our solution.

Thank you all on behalf of Husky to FEDIL, the Ministry of the Economy and Luxinnovation for their support over the years.», reacted Jean-Christophe Witz, Chief Information Officer, Husky Technologies

Cloud Community Europe Luxembourg warmly thanks the jury for its efforts and availability. The 2022 jury is composed of:

  • Nicolas Sanitas, Luxinnovation
  • Armin Neises, Waves
  • Marina Andrieu, WIDE
  • Eric Dubois, LIST
  • Michele Gallo, Ministry of the Economy
  • Patrick Houtsch, CTIE
  • Philippe Linster, House of Start-ups
  • Tom Kettels, infrachain
  • Justine Verheggen, Silicon Luxembourg
  • Björn Ottersten, SnT, University of Luxembourg
  • Alain Rodermann, Expon Capital
  • Peter Sodermans, Direct Engineering
  • Andrey Martovoy, ABBL