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While constantly assessing the potential for innovation of new Internet technologies, Datacenter.eu has been driven since its foundation in 2000 by an unshakeable commitment to facilitate digital transformation within organizations and to give them direct access to a comprehensive set of ready to use cloud, colocation and connectivity solutions hosted in Luxembourg’s leading tier IV data centre facilities. Datacenter.eu’s solutions are designed to deliver a seamless user experience, increased flexibility and low risk.

Datacenter.eu’s commitment to delivering on its promises is achieved in many ways, such as truly integrated solutions and upgrade options, highly qualified NOC and SOC engineers, production policies with no compromise on security and performance, ISO 27001 certified operations and end-to-end service ownership.

Today, a variety of business customers and IT professionals use Datacenter.eu as a technology aggregator for their network & infrastructure backbone. They leverage its 20 years of experience in the Internet industry to efficiently run their IT backbone, to mitigate their operational risks or to serve millions of users from all over the world.


Postal adress: 202, Z.A.E. WOLSER F

Zip code and country: L-3290 Bettembourg

Phone: +352 26 19 16 1

Fax:  +352 26 20 29 96

Email: info@datacenter.eu

Website: www.datacenter.eu

Legal form: S.A.

Foundation date: 2000

Staff in Luxembourg: 20


Sales Team,

Philippe Durando, Presanes & Solution Manager


IT Consulting
Managed services (colocation, cloud, IP Transit, connectivity)
BGP management
Hardware leasing

Area of activities

IP Transit

Cloud Offers

Solutions available on the market

Cloud computing: for an high flexibility

Datacenter provides simple and flexible Cloud solutions for the companies which want to:
– beneficiate of an optimized solution for their website/e-shop/web solution
– achieve economies of scale
– reduce spendings on technology infrastructure
– be more flexible
– manage projects more efficiently
– have access to performing applications (Software as a Service – Saas)
– secure their data
– beneficiate of a full OPEX model


Specificity of the main offer

Datacenter provides 3 types of Cloud Solutions with the intention of answering the most properly to your needs and configuration:

The Public Cloud: our customers will be able to use Cloud services in a virtualised environment, into shared infrastructure ressources, which allows important costs’optimisation. Our public cloud provides high performance cloud solutions and a reliable cloud infrastructure for all your applications and websites, whatever your workload is.

Your benefits:
– no need to manage your IT infrastructure
– high security of your data
– we offer various on-demand cloud products, from the storage capacity, servers, databases and network security to all the applications you might need
– your Cloud solution evolves following your needs and business goals

The Private Cloud: this cloud model is a scalable cloud environment built on a virtual and/or physical infrastructure dedicated exclusively to your organization.
Our private cloud solution is perfect if you have strong network security and compliance needs. It’s also ideal if you are looking for large storage requirements and you want to have full control over your data.
You can completely build your own cloud infrastructure based on predetermined specifications including availability, scalability, threat prevention, expected performance and growth requirements.
Our experts will help you throughout the different steps of designing, deploying, and operating your cloud on-premise.

Your benefits:
– illimited stockage capacity
– full control on your data
– custom-made Cloud solution

The hybrid Cloud: a cloud computing environment, in which resources are provided and managed both in-house and externally. This approach allows you to take advantage of the scalability and cost-effectiveness of a cloud environment and the security aspects of a private cloud.
Our hybrid cloud model enables you to connect public cloud, private cloud, and dedicated hardware in order to find the best solution to your needs.

Why choose this model?
– beneficiate of a pay-as-you-go scalable system
– total control on your data
– high speed performance and high fiability, thanks to dedicated servers
– we help you to create your ideal environment

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